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Bwah! Oh bite me haters. Boo hoo. Kim got sent home before Ty. Someone who actually embodies what the show is supposed to be about. Someone who never danced before (hello Melissa) and has worked his ass off every week. Hee. I could not be more pleased. And all the pissing and moaning over Kim being booted just cracks me up. Hee. Should have voted for her if you love her so much.

I'm happy the dancing cowboy is in the semi-finals and happy Chelsea is still there. You go girl.

I saw Travis. Hi Travis. I saw Nick. Go away Nick. That star dance was kind of crap. Look at me - I can pose on a giant star. Woo hoo. The floor work was good but not enough of it.

Who was that blur of a quickstep couple? Man that was fast.

Dance center was boring and lame. You're supposed to be mean.

And another hee, hee, hee, hee that Ty stayed. I guess all my votes helped. :D

My frikking DVR cut off the end because Idol is never capable of ending on time. So what happened when Brooke heads upstairs or into the inner sanctum of Massive Dynamics? Do we get to see Bell?

Wait- I just read on TWOP that she got shot? Seriously? Is she dead? GRRRRRR. Wish I had been watching it live. Awesome.

So why is the Observor taking Walter away?

I love that annoying whatever head guy that was a traitor and whose name I don't remember burned up. Hee. Serves you right Spunky.

So what - Olivia is traveling between dimensions? Alternate worlds? That is so kickass. I love that SL. And I love the way all the experimented on children only have dark clothes in their closets. It's the little details that make the show. Love.

Great scenes with Peter and Walter and Walter and Olivia.

And I caught the mysterious scar on Charlie in the alternative world. Spooky.

I really loved this. Such a great show.

Must get back to workage. If my brain will ever slow down and shut up. I think this production of Annie might be the biggest show I have ever done. And it is eating my brain.


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