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What a long, frakking week it has been. Last night - marathon (over an hour!) phone call from one of the parents involved in the incident and really it seems it all comes down to one Mom/daughter who has ALWAYS been evil and one former friend/former duo partner of Kiersten's who seems to have become evil who are behind all the malicious talk and nastiness. Oh well. Karma is a beautiful thing. What goes around, comes around.

And I watched Greek and the Closer but don't really have anything to say.

Jensen in golf clothes? Yikes. Sorry Jensen - I'm going to have to go all Tom and Lorenzo on you and say Out.

Dean and Castiel Subtext for Dummies video? Bwah!!!!!!!!!! Oh ship that has consumed my mind, you are making me so happy. And Misha and Supernatural are all nominated for the Portal awards. (bounce, bounce, bounce)

Waiting for SYTYCD spoilers which are not going to be coming out on Mondays this year = torture. I loved reading Spoilers because it never spoils the dance for me. And it's just fun. :D But now they tape on Tuesdays so no spoilers till late Tuesday night. Sigh. (Go Evan, go Evan) I have read the spoiler of who his partner is though.

This summertime thing has me seriously dragging. I so do not feel like working but have projects due on Thursday, a monologue due by the weekend and must get this High school dance drama out of my head and try to focus.

Oh and miss you eolivet. Hope you're having a blast with your new baby.
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