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harper47 ([personal profile] harper47) wrote2009-05-04 09:01 am

It's Monday, It's May and it's Spadada's Birthday!!!!!

Hope you have a terrific day.

Here - have some cake. After all, birthday cake doesn't have any calories.

Long weekend filled with writing and Annie projects. Friday night's rehearsal was a mess. I had to really light into everyone and do my evil Gerrie yelling bit. Not much fun. And then the Studio manager had to yell at me as she is somehow under the impression that one person can do everything for a huge show like this. She finally apologized but I did not enjoy having to listen to it after a 3 hour rehearsal. At all.

Yesterday I had a request for a really dark monologue for a child and it took me awhile to get there. But we finally had success late in the day. Now I have to work on a comedy request and inspiration hasn't really struck yet.

As for tv - I watched but have no real comments re TAR (fairly predictable outcome) or DH. Nothing much happened. Back to work and my mile long to do list.